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Follow my journey as an artist through my blog - showing the work that has influenced and shaped me as an artist over the years. 

   About me   

I was born in Wallington, Surrey, and from a very early age it became obvious to my parents that pencils and crayons were my favourite toys.  My father always encouraged me, and looking back, I can remember many occasions when he would help me draw, or add a line here and there to correct something such as the perspective in a drawing.

At 13 years old I was very lucky to be offered a place in a school on a four year art course and it was here that my interest in drawing was developed. I was given the opportunity to try different mediums such as pottery, painting, pen and ink, and calligraphy etc. The extremely talented teachers did a wonderful job giving all of us a great grounding in the basics of all these subjects.

From here I went onto Croydon Art College for a short time on a pre-diploma course with the intention of going on to a degree course at a London Art School but it wasn't to be, due to personal circumstances. I went out to work instead.  

I continued to dabble in drawing and painting between work and having children until 2002 when I decided to go back to education and take the degree I hadn't been able to 37 years earlier. In 2005 I was awarded a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from The University of Northampton.

I have now retired and I'm enjoying working very hard on my drawings. I hope you will enjoy looking at them.  


Thank you, Pat Thres


   My work   

I'm lucky enough to live in Northamptonshire where I can draw on inspiration from the broadleaf woodland. I also take my camera and sketchbook with me whenever travelling outside the county or taking a walk in the countryside, and I'm often inspired by very different trees from around the world, such as the Baobab from Madagascar, but I must admit that my love of trees is very much UK based.

My tree portraits are quite large for a pencil drawing. I also don't give them a title. The reason behind this lies in the way I choose what I want to draw.  The choice is not associated with the species but rather the shape of the trunk, the wonderful twists and turns that the boughs and branches take through its years of growth.  The negative space created and the canopy of leaves all add to the overall desire to draw these great statues of nature.


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